Collection: SCULPTURE 308 • PORTFOLIO 2





    I thought up my initial idea in class when this project was announced.. I started out by sketching a few faces and a prototype of what was to be created. I Wanted to incorporate gold into my work somehow as well. though my vision evolved with the process my pallet remained simply beige and gold..

  • I began by drawing a face as a guide then cut many randomly shaped pieces of cardboard to begin my process.

    I then roughly glued out the base structure for my head.

    After organizing myself I got to work...

  • Using hot glue to assemble I created my base form from witch I was able to start the fine tuning.

  • work before aesthetic touches and clean up.

  • final piece.


    When I first was assigned this sculpture my mind went straight to a tired drowsy look with ample decore to give a regalness and full expression… I thought of adding flower petals and leaves and finally decided to explore gold leafing my details. I worked with my initial idea to form a solid plan. My process quickly shifted directions to a stronger, more bulbous, poutier , powerful looking face. I let my imagination run wild with this sculpture and had a lot of fun experimenting with hotglue, and different cardboard cutting techniques.

  • ... By cutting smaller detailed areas and adding them throughout the face does feels quite lifelike. I’m familiar with cardboard as a sculpture material and have created many sculptures with this medium in the past.    

     I had a lot of fun working on this piece and am proud of my final product because though I didn’t have much time due to illness it came together beautifully.  I think this assignment challenged me to work with what I had. I have even more burns from my glue gun than before but am satisfied with my final product.


    I wanted to create a type of basket. I played around with a few ideas before I decided on an idea that seemed a little peculiar to start.

    In highschool I was faced with creating a pinch pot and attaching woven needles to create height. Similarly I decided to weave the found needles together to see what i could come up with.

    I didn't want anything ordinary and think i was quite successful in the completed piece..

  • Needles found outside my home that I used to weave.

  • I didn't take too many process images as most of this piece was created outside, but i did bring a few things in to prep. I began by attaching the needles to some cardboard to hold them together while I wove. I then played around with the shapes until I was satisfied with the final look of the needles alone.

  • Critique 

    This piece is quite intricate, tree needles are woven into one another creating a fascinating repeating pattern. The stream stones are collected evenly into a natural looking heart formation surrounding the weave. 

    Depth is created within the needles and between stones casting light and shadow in interesting ways. 

    The work appears very natural in form and it’s shape is very interesting. 

    The work is balanced in the sense of symmetry. The piece was lashed out with care and gives great emphasis to its natural muse. It’s woven pattern demonstrates movement and harmony beautifully. The piece gives great variety of materials while still delivering great unity. The tone is seemingly upbeat, adventurous and reminds me of a good walk in nature. 

    This is a good, strong piece as it clearly demonstrates the principles of design and is all around captivating to the viewer. 

    The craftsmanship and technique of this work is strong and surprising for such a small piece. All parts of the work are seamlessly moulded together through a skilled artistic eye making elements successfully interrelated. 

    The work elicits the viewer to think about their surroundings and look up while they are outside as they never know what cool things could be waiting around the bend. 

    Aesthetically this work is highly successful. Beautiful work all around. Very proud and excited to try another landscape type project in the near future. 


    I began by collaging some found images into my sketchbook... from the start I knew I wanted to work with ocean or water inspired looks. I explored colour and texture before landing on somewhat of a vision for a headpiece. I developed my ideas more throughout the actual assembly process and love the outcome regardless of what vision I had initially.

  • I drew inspiration from futuristic face/ headpieces and the ocean and I went wherever this project took me

  • I wanted to capture the look of water but couldn't quite figure out the perfect medium until...

  • I found some plastic crystals from an old project and my brain went wild.

  • By melting them at 350 degrees for 45 mins (checking constantly) in my crafting toaster oven on my balcony I was able to create flowy pucks to decorate my headpiece.

  • Next was a base... to create structure I used my silicone face to create a mould. I squeezed hot glue artfully all over the face and made some touch ups on it shape with scissors. This layer was painted white to show contrast in the final piece.

  • For my top, non structural layer, I copied the same process on my face base but this time more fine lines were added. After using leftover stones from my landscape sculpture to decorate I painted this layer black.

  • Artist Reflective Statement:

    I began by trying to think up what I could do for a wearable sculpture… I spend a lot of time outdoors and drew inspiration from the flow of the ocean and the natural forms within. 

    This work is a juxtaposition of sea and land coming together to create a seamless sculptural head piece. 

    In my past I have worked a lot with natural forms, for this sculpture I also decided to use primarily hot glue a medium I’m very familiar with. 

    I used many random squiggles of hot glue to create a fluid almost illusion motion. In addition to adding stones from around my landscape I created plastic discs to further imitate water and movement. I didn’t really plan out a final shape until all had come together a bit more. 

    I am proud of how my piece turned out. The silver flake brings everything together and all elements blend cohesively. 

    I think structurally this work challenged me immensely but I was able to accomplish a very successful piece of work. Until I decided to structurally reinforce the backing I was struggling to keep everything in place. I’d love to develop this work further and possibly even make it large enough to wrap around the entirely of my head.