Collection: SCULPTURE 308 • PORTFOLIO 1





    My initial idea was to create a hummingbird. I started out by sketching a few birds and creating some feather prototypes. My colour scheme from the start was cooler tones and though the bird itself evolved with the process my pallet remained.

  • I cut many tear- drop shaped pieces of paper to begin my process.

    I then roughly cut out the base structure for my bird.

    After organizing my paper bits I got to work...

  • Using scotch tape to assemble I created my base form from witch I was able to start the aesthetic fine tuning.

  • I definitely drew inspiration from blue jays form once I shifted direction and think that I executed a jay perfectly.

  • By layering my paper feathers I was able to create depth and a lifelike airiness to the piece.


    When I first was assigned a paper sculpture my mind went straight to soft natural forms… I thought of petals and leaves and finally landed on feathers. I worked with my initial idea to form a solid plan for a bird. I started by playing with the idea of creating a hummingbird as my parents back home have many hummingbird feeders in their yard and I used to love them when I was younger. My process quickly shifted directions to a stronger, more angular, harsher-lined, powerful looking bird. I let my imagination run wild with this sculpture and had a lot of fun experimenting with feather shapes and sizes. I used many different colours within a cooler colour scheme to create depth and please the eye...

  • ... By cutting smaller detailed feathers and adding them throughout the bird casts gorgeous shadows and feels quite lifelike. I didn’t have my art kit on me at the time and had to improvise. I used scotch tape to assemble as well as craft scissors. I’m familiar with paper as a sculpture material and have created many sculptures with this medium.    

     I had a lot of fun working on this bird. Im proud of my final product because though I didn’t have hot glue yet and had to use tape it came together beautifully.  I think this assignment challenged me to think outside the box and work with what I had. I now have many more burns from my glue gun than I began with but am satisfied with the outcome. I love working with paper and will continue to play with it in the future.


    I wanted to create an abstract island of sorts... I played around with a few ideas before I decided on cliffs and waves and hills and natural forms on the ocean.

    I didn't want anything ordinary and wanted this sculpture to challenge me.

    I am very proud of the strong outcome and think I stuck to my plan well.

  • I totally forgot to take process images as most of this piece was created in a one day, one night caffein induced creative spell. I began by folding a good majority of my books pages into the binding inner edge. I then played around with making fun shapes as i folded the pages and it became a beautiful heap of billowing waves jumping off the page.

  • The scrunched paper balls represents great cliffs by the waters edge that reach up out of the ocean to create magnificent forms.

  • I used these rolls here to be a softer edge on the ocean playing with the idea of rolling hills kissing the waves.

  • I drew inspiration from the rock forms that are created by erosion from the seas waves.