Collection: DRAWING 305 • PORTFOLIO 1





    I have never loved working with charcoal and my mind has not changed with this project... This journal and work were very messy and pretty challenging. my VJ was a pretty good jumping off point to complete my still life drawing. I loved attempting to draw fabric and though my white charcoal was a struggle to work with I loved its effects in the final works.

  • I roughly shaded in my tones after blocking in with an ink-less ballpoint pen.

  • I deepened my lines with a hard charcoal to define my lines without too much residue left behind.

  • Deepening charcoal blacks and adding white details to finish up!

  • Finished work... lots more white charcoal. glass appears to glisten.


    For this journal I had a lot of fun playing around with perspectives. I had a pretty clear idea of what I was going to create for this work and was very confident going into it.

  • I started by adding in some shading to create the depth of my image first.

  • These images were taken in class... you can see the trees on the left are almost complete here.

  • I then deepened my focal area to complete the drawing.


    I started my drawing after a day of skiing… I was driving home after a long day at a local mountain with my boyfriend when I noticed how amazing the cell towers and trees looked towering above and around us. I pulled out my camera and started shooting. I got tons of great inspiration shots for a perspective piece and thus this work was born.   

    Using an ink-less ballpoint pen I blocked out my work via indentation, I then shaded in areas before going in with B2, B6 and B8 pencils to create different levels of depth. I used a lot of curved line work with my B2 and B6 to achieve a natural needle-look on the trees and lots of random dots and scribbles with my B2 to create rock formations along the edges. I also blended the front of the vehicle to create the illusion of  automotive lacquer sheen. To deepen  my perspective drawing I used charcoal on the “furthest back” points.

    I quite enjoy how my work turned out. I feel as if my perspective is strong and my detail line work was executed successfully. I found this piece to be relatively challenging to remain within a realistic perspective and shade in to create enough depth.  I will definitely be exploring this technique and subject matter further. Skiing and being in the forest has helped me connect with myself and my loved ones and I would love to create more mountain and/or B.C. related pieces as well.


    I debated many different ideas for this project. In the past I have worked with many faces and actually completed my concentration in my AP portfolio by drawing faces and emotions they portrayed. I wanted to work with something that challenged me and my skills and thus decided on hands. I've never been amazing at drawing hands or feet and wanted to see what I could accomplish.


    I always start my drawings by indenting shapes and lines with an ink-less ballpoint pen then I add values and shading. Using my drawing pencils I can add different levels of value to the piece. I use lots of cross hatching and various sized blending stubs to create contrast. I used many repeated overlapping lines scribbles and dot patterns to draw my hands and shade in. Using two point perspective I was able to create the elusion of reaching arms struggling to grasp one another. This work is very angular and strong lined it has a focal point of negative space crated by composition. The vibe of the drawing is dark and moody. It represents me because I’ve been terrified of hands since a childhood nightmare and yet they have emphasis in my life’s they are what I use as work and go to school for. I made this piece because I drew inspiration from my tattoo of the creation of man.This work tells me a story of struggle and pain… a story of someone who is ever reaching for something unobtainable. The story of dark versus light. It makes me feel a certain struggle. Layers of depth reel you in wanting to save the sinking soul. The drawing is successful as it resembles my hands very much. Im proud of the final product as it remained within my vision and didn’t morph away from a realistic hand form. This work is that of two hands. Two hands stretched, reaching for each other… a strong visual of struggle. technically the hands are very similar making the piece somewhat symmetrical and visually strong. Compositionally the work is nicely laid out and covers the entire 14x17 inch page. The craftsmanship of this piece is pretty good and technique is even better.  I managed to make the hands look successfully interrelated by carrying my technique throughout.

  • The work elicits a response by allowing the viewer to feel as though they can reach into the work. The darkness of the hands and their angular properties give me a feeling of unease. Spooky. Aesthetically, this work is very pleasing to the eye and balanced. I am proud with the outcome. 

  • My first few rough lines as I started my hand...

  • I went in with my B6 and B8 to define edges and shade.

  • last couple of steps before completion were shading and erasing the background to make sure all of the page is engaged.

  • Singed and cleaned up!